Jaival Desai

Hey Guys!, I am a High School Senior and am 16 years old but carry experience twice more than it. I Love to read, cook and socialize. I am humorous and a VAULT of information also a connoisseur of Formula One Racing and a person always there for you.


Hey Tap,
We all have saw the news about the Government hiking tax rates to fund the Development and Infrastructure to provide better services.
Although It wouldn't have a direct Impact on us because it is directed to the Richer Sect who pull in millions per year. But it would definitely affect the Stock market and to the Investments WE have made into the Market.
How would you approach this problem??and stop your hard earned money to blow away???


Hey community! Thanks to guys like Robert Kiyosaki or Graham Stephan I have had my eye on the Real Estate Investment niche for A LONG time, but again it needs you to have a Down-Payment and A LOT of time invested into getting the stuff done. Plus I came across a way to mix the best of them both.
I recently saw one of the huge Real estate developers' stock (OBEROIRLTY) trading on the platform and the prices skyrocketing each and everyday post-covid. With their new projects coming up such as Skyscrapers and residentials.
I would like YOUR opinion on this thing, is it better to invest in the real estate YOU would directly own, or let the professionals do the stuff they know and just invest in them?

Hi, I'm Jaival

I am a High School Junior from India and am VERY new to the Real World. My weakest area is with the insecurity with investing and how to get started with the ins and outs of it.

I hope to learn with TAP and Taylor the diverse forms of investing and create a foundation for enough cashflow to let me travel the world!!

Growing Up I was REALLY into cars and I still love em.
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